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FB Fiber Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)French Broad Fiber Logo

How is fiber different than other broadband services?
Fiber Internet has become known as the gold standard for residential and business Internet connections. Fiber offers much faster speeds over longer distances than traditional copper-based technologies like DSL and cable. Whether you're watching a movie on Netflix or video chatting with family across the globe, with the right equipment to support your fiber-speed connection, your experience will be seamless and quick.

Fiber Internet truly offers solutions at the speed of light. Data is sent on fiber optic cables via pulses of light, so the signal is very fast. Unlike other "high-speed" platforms, you're not sharing bandwidth with others outside of your home. So it doesn't matter what your neighbors are watching, playing, or doing; you have your very own high-speed highway coming right into your home.

Fiber is also almost future proof technology. While we currently offer up to 100Mb service, we will be able to offer Gigabit service over the same lines with the same equipment in the future.

Why is the service not available in my area?
One disadvantage of fiber Internet service is the significant cost to build the lines, especially in rural areas. While FBEMC already has a substantial backbone to serve fiber Internet in Madison County we must build the new service to each individual neighborhood in order to deliver service. This process will take some time and we must first establish ourselves in more populated areas in order to have enough recurring funds to afford to build out to our more rural customers. Don't worry though, our long range goal is to cover as many of our members in Madison County as possible!

How much does the service cost and what areas do you serve?
Pricing and service details can be found by clicking here. Our Coverage Area page gives specific information on which areas we serve as well as the next areas we are proposing for deployment.

Do I need my own router to use the service?
No! We provide you with a free, high quality wireless router at installation that connects directly to our fiber network. Our router uses both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless frequencies to ensure the highest performance and coverage possible. The router also comes with 4 wired network ports so you can connect directly to any of your devices if necessary.

Does French Broad Fiber have data caps or monthly data limits?
No! Our service offers true unlimited data so your connection will always be the same speed throughout the month no matter how much you use your service. There are never any overage charges, you only pay the fixed monthly cost for your chosen level of service.

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